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Going Green Award Winners Are Leaders

Posted on: Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Going green has become more than doing the right thing for the environment — it has also become the right thing for business success. Corp! magazine has once again provided a forum to recognize companies that have made sustainable practices a business strategy that also results in profitability.

The 2011 Michigan’s Going Green Awards were presented to companies and organizations that have demonstrated exemplary efforts in such eco-friendly initiatives as air quality, green building/business practices and environmental stewardship. Honorees were chosen in three categories: green industry innovators, green initiative champions and green organizations.Businesses are stepping up to confront environmental problems and are working together to create more sustainable business practices. Michigan is on the cutting edge of many green industry initiatives. Corp! magazine is proud to be the vehicle that shares these green-focused companies’ insights on economic success and best practices and that explores the economic trends of the green industry.

Green Industry Innovators
Detroit, MI –
In less than a year in business, has already made a difference in southeastern Michigan. is a green Web-based directory, informational portal, educational portal and media source. The website highlights companies that can provide green products and services, renewable energies, sustainability, industry standards of reduction of consumption and the health benefits of greening. “What makes us unique at is that we go beyond providing a product and service directory. Creating the ‘big green umbrella’ for a geographic area is not easily accomplished. You must first identify and categorize your audience of different sectors and segments of the community, followed by convincing that audience that a change is needed and that the payback and return are well worth any extras. Fortunately, most consumers are demanding change,” says John Carlos, executive director. Even as a recent start-up, has found that it is very rewarding to give back to the community. “For educational purposes, coordinated the donation and installation of a wind turbine to a local school, creating an opportunity for children to start learning about alternative energies — all at no cost to the community. This effort is now being bridged with the local high school. Further donations of solar panels and batteries have been collaboratively donated through efforts of and its vendors. We enjoy being able to give and plan to do much more as we grow,” says Carlos.

John Carlos, executive director of, has seen a consumer demand for more green options.

John Carlos, executive director of,
has seen a consumer demand for more green options.


Source: Lynne R. Zacharias, Corp! Magazine

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