Door to Door Organics


  30940 Industrial Road
Livonia, MI 48150

Contact: Carlos Collier

Phone: 877-711-3636  

Company’s Description

 Door to Door Organics delivers fresh organic produce and groceries throughout Michigan.  We deliver a variety of fruit, veggie or mixed fruit/veggie boxes straight to your door. The contents change every week based on the freshest arrivals from our organic farms and can be customized to your liking.  We support certified organic agriculture and work with local farms to bring you the freshest produce around.  There are no commitment fees or cancellation charges and we guarantee our services 100%.

Door to Door Organics delivers fresh organic produce and groceries to your doorstep!

You’ll get:

  • Delicious menus that change weekly based on the freshest arrivals from our organic farms
  • Year-round weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of fruit, veggie or mixed boxes at competitive prices
  • Convenient, free delivery throughout Southeast and mid Michigan
  • Weekly recipes and ideas to prepare and enjoy your fresh produce
  • Complete online control of your orders

You can:

  • Add additional produce, meat and grocery items to your delivery
  • Customize your weekly box according to your needs and preferences
  • Build your own community and get special pricing by starting or joining a co-op


Because Good Food should be healthy, delicious, convenient, responsible, and affordable, and we work every day to bring Good Food to you through a fun and meaningful shopping experience.

Our mission is to establish access to nutritious food to everyone in Michigan and beyond.  We are working to expand the market for agriculture that both nourishes us and enriches the earth, enabling people to enjoy healthy lifestyles.  We bring you food that is good for you, your family, your community and the environment.


  • By thinking about the social, health and environmental impact of our purchasing decisions
  • Through close relationships with our farms and vendors and sourcing as much local product as possible
  • With our efficient delivery fleet, meaning no delivery fees in almost all locations
  • By providing tools to build community through fundraisers and co-ops
  • With recipes and ideas on how to make good food out of great ingredients