Schupan Recycling

2619 Miller Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Contact: Roger Cargill
Phone: 517-881-9152


Description of Organization

Schupan Recycling specializes in creating recycling programs for schools and events large and small in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Our programs help people recycle by providing a consistent and clear message and access to recycling in high-traffic,public areas.

Schupan Recycling is a processor and marketer of Used Beverage Containers (UBCs) including aluminum cans, plastic bottles (PET), and glass bottles. We operate multiple processing facilities that recycle billons of cans and bottles for soft drink wholesalers and beer wholesalers throghout the State of Michigan. Schupan is the largest independent purchaser, processor and marketer of UBCs in the nation.



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