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Pontiac, MI 48341

Contact: James Stange
Phone: 248-248-4553


Company Description

Stange Sports offers stand up paddleboard (SUP) lessons, rental, and group tours every day, volleyball leagues and open play Wed and Fri, fitness boot camps, bubble soccer, and more.

Those infamous words every patient dreads hearing from their doctor and then soon ignores, “You need to diet and get more exercise,” don’t have to be painful or boring to fulfill. Why is it so difficult for the vast majority of Americans to exercise and eat well? After hearing misinformation and lies for their entire lives about nutrition, combined with limited exciting options for fitness, and who can blame them? Stange Sports (and my sister company, Weight Loss Lifestyle) make exercise and eating for heath both easy and fun!

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During warm months, we offer SUP lessons and group paddle every M, T, & T on Sylvan Lake in Pontiac (zero impact exercise engaging every major muscle group with extremely low perceived effort—in other words, you’ll burn more calories than jogging for the same period of time, but with zero chance of injury and without feeling the effort), we travel to other lakes on the weekend, and we rent out the boa

rds—all for lower prices than any competitor.

We also play volleyball, indoor or out depending on the season, every single Friday, for just $5. We all play bubble soccer and, with a partnership though the largest sports group in Michigan—Metro Detroit Athletes—offer almost every sport for little to no cost.

The point is, exercise should be fun, not work. I guarantee that we will find countless opportunities for you to enjoy burning calories without having to force yourself to go to a gym or run.

Weight Loss Lifestyle is about inspiring, motivating, and educating clients how

to eat delicious food to improve their lives in every way.


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