Weight Loss Lifestyle

1671 Annabelle
Ferndale, MI 48220

Contact: James Strange
Phone: 248-247-4553

Email: weightlosslifestyleclub@gmail.com
Website: www.weightlosslifestyle.club

Weight Loss Lifestyle (WiLL) is NOT a diet company and does not rely upon selling physical products. It operates as a club, giving it’s members the inspiration/goals needed to begin their journey, the education to make wise decisions, and the motivation to continue.

Inspiration—members discuss and develop their own unique, specific, personal goals and a realistic time-line to achieve them with a trained WiLL team member. Further inspiration comes from weekly meetings/webinairs/dinners, interactive blogs, teammates, partners, groups, and more.

Education—unbiased advice from well-established experts in fitness and nutrition, such as Ben Greenfield, Able James, Rich Roll. It should not be so difficult to make wise food decisions in America, but when profits, greed, and poor regulation are the rule, it’s no wonder that regular consumers are so often mislead.

Motivation—Starting down the path towards a healthy lifestyle, and learning about what foods are truly healthy, and what foods we’ve been brainwashed into thinking are healthy is the “easy” part. Multiple partner/group challenges, contests, rewards, and completing simple beneficial tasks all reward members with points that can be redeemed for gift certificates, tasty health food, individual and group charity/sporting/adventure events, even a completely free tropical vacation. Motivation is the single most significant key to achieving any goal, and it is what we do best!



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