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Replacing HID fixtures and T12 fixtures with T5 or T8 fixtures can give up to 30% in energy savings, possibly allowing for EPACT 2005 federal tax deductions and DTE rebates. LED lighting is becoming more affordable.

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There are quality-minded recycled office furniture businesses that carry the main brands, saving you money and helping the environment. Also, some major furniture brands have lines that use recycled material. Both options help you earn LEED points.


Plants can improve your indoor air quality, and add character to your atmosphere. Check with an indoor horticulturist.


Energy Auditing
Energy audits can help you determine inefficiencies that, when corrected, can reduce energy usage and consequently, energy bills. The audit zeroes in on where you should make changes to improve the use of energy. You will be able to develop a reduction plan based on the information the audit provides. Energy audits can become part of a load shedding plan to reduce peak demand electrical charges.

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A scientific approach to energy auditing can help commercial, industrial and municipal clients to achieve maximum energy while significantly reducing utility costs.


Make sure the cleaning crew is using green cleaning products to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Cleaning products used should not be toxic to the environment. By using eco-friendly products, you may earn LEED points.


Your selection of flooring affects your indoor air quality. Some flooring products contain recycled material. Sustainable products such as bamboo and FSC wood helps our eco system. Use of these products may qualify you for LEED points.


Painting/Wall Covering
Purchase paints and sealants that contain low VOC to improve your indoor air quality, and help with LEED points.


Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor
Occupancy/vacancy sensors can control energy usage and reduce costs. Install them to several lights fixtures and fans to gain maximum efficiency. You may be able to earn LEED points, an EPACT 2005 federal deduction, and possibly a DTE rebate.


Interior Design
A well thought out plan can enhance your working space, increase productivity and give LEED points.


Promotional Products
Promotional products are a great way to get the word out about your business. When you go to purchase those items – whether that means buying pens, hats, t-shirts, banners, etc – you can make sure to buy items that are made from recycled materials like bamboo.

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Real Estate
Property Owners, investors, real estate brokerages, property management firms, attorneys, accountants, construction management firms and all other trades can make good use of consulting services that will transform the present and future of building stock into a healthier, more sustainable real estate environment.

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