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Electrical Room

Motor Control Centers | Maintenance on Breakers | Metering/Sub metering | Maintenance on Panels | Power Cables | Bus Bar | Power Distribution | Maintenance on Electrical Relays | Automated Controls | Battery Bank Storage

Motor Control Centers
A new motor control center can be set up to monitor each break load for information. This will allow you to evaluate operation efficiency.


Maintenance on Breakers
To be sure that your breakers will operate when needed, have them tested and cleaned at regular intervals.


Metering/Sub metering
Metering and sub metering enable you to see where your utility load is, and enable you to make better decisions on how to improve operations. Electrical information can allow for load shedding – the utility may be willing to pay for the reduction.


Maintenance on Panels
Have panels checked for loose connections either by tightening each connection, or using an infrared scan to find the loose connections that need attention.


Power Cables


Bus Bar


Power Distribution
Consider high efficiency transformers, and transformers that run quieter.


Maintenance on Electrical Relays
Relays that have medium or higher voltage should be cleaned and calibrated so that you can rely on their performance.


Automated Controls


Battery Bank Storage



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