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Around the country cities are going green. From gardening to alternative energy retro-fits Americans are beginning to see the positive impact of sustainable living. Although these changes are being made, each place does it differently. So I’m taking to the road to bring you a series of articles called “This Is How They Do It”, looking at how going green looks throughout the United States.

I first came up with the idea after my trip to the U.S. Virgin Isles (see Water Capture). It occurred to me that as Americans, we could benefit from an exchange of ideas. What works well in one place could be used in another. I also saw it is an opportunity to create synergies to help others struggling with the details of implementing green projects.
In my travels, I will talk with local officials to get a sense of what municipalities are doing and how they are engaging their citizenry. I’ll also be hitting the streets to ask local residents about their sustainable practices.
My first stop will be in California. From there I’ll travel to the Island of St. Croix before hitting the main land again. I’ll then go on to Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. I’ll also be posting video and pictures so you can experience my green expedition with me!

I hope to bring you ideas, tips, and tricks you can use in your own neck of the woods to recycle, reduce, reuse, repurpose and conserve. We don’t have to reinvent wheel around sustainable practices. We can learn from each other. Share what is good and create a future that has positive economic and health benefits. continues to be the portal for green information. Whether you are looking for a sustainable vendor or community activity, you can find it here.

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