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Paper Recycling
Use less paper.  In the office setting, employ electronic methods to distribute documents instead of printing them.  Stop receiving printed documents on a fax machine.  Instead, receive them electronically as email attachments.  You will be able to read, save, and distribute documents electronically.  There are companies that provide “fax to email” services to avoid excessive use of paper.

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Real Estate Specialists
Property Owners, investors, real estate brokerages, property-management firms, attorneys, accountants, construction management firms and all other trades can make good use of consulting services that will transform the present and future of building stock into a healthier, more sustainable real estate environment.

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Use recycled furniture – you can receive LEED points for helping the environment. Michigan has nationally-known furniture builders providing new furnishings using recycled material.


Replace incandescent bulbs with compact florescent lamps. Install motion sensors and/or timers on some of your light circuits. These actions may qualify you for a DTE rebate.

If you have torchiere fixtures with halogen lamps, consider replacing them with compact fluorescent torchieres. Compact fluorescent torchieres use 60% to 80% less energy, can produce more light (lumens), and do not get as hot as the halogen torchieres. Halogen torchieres are a fire risk because of the high temperature of the halogen bulb.

You can reduce your energy consumption and lower your monthly bills by installing dimmers and motion sensors as an alternative to regular light switches.


Office Equipment
Use Energy Star products.

One way you can save on electricity in your office/den is to choose smart power strips. This not only reduces your electric bill but also protects your electronics.


Office Recycling
Remember to recycle paper, cardboard, metal, glass, and type 1 & 2 plastic. Set up stations to make collection of these materials easy for everyone.


Office Supplies
Purchase recycled paper supplies and ink cartridges. Consider Energy Star rated products in your next equipment purchase.


Energy Management
Energy management systems, when properly set up, ensure that you efficiently reduce energy consumption. Use of these systems may qualify you for a DTE rebate.


Tax Incentives
Consultants/Accountants can find extra incentives in the tax codes that relate to green improvements, thereby reducing tax liabilities and increasing cash flow.


Environmental/Green Attorney
Law offices with a staff of environmental experts can assure that you properly define and receive the green services that you need.


Voice Over IP Phone System
When purchasing equipment for your home office, buy recycled/refurbished products whenever possible. This can include phones, printers, computers and more.

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