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*Sustainable Media Platform for a Changing World

*Sustainable Media - Self-written, cost-efficient, on-time shareable results to get your message optimal exposure.

Our world communicates through stories - getting the word out by a third party platform makes all the difference, but often times reporters leave out or change the facts to fit an agenda to the point where the story can become negative or lost in the shuffle of the hundreds they've posted, or worse yet, be taken down completely. Digital media can feel complicated and obscure - you never know who will be seeing your story or marketing attempts.

Our platform is designed for your control - your information out when you need it, and it won't be taken down.

It's easy:
  1. Determine your needs
  2. Add your story, complete with links, and upload your logo or image
  3. Submit your payment
  4. Receive your confirmation and story link within 1-3 days
In other words - We've made it simple. and is a PR and Media digital platform company devoted to giving you and our over 350 online member entities exposure all over Metro-Detroit and beyond.

NOTE: If the content is consistently high quality, (we hold final say on the posts and links themselves), we do offer a buik rate as well.

Posts must be on the following items:
Positive stories on Local or 'Green' Business, Sustainability, New Innovations, Reduction of Consumption, Natural Wellness,
  • Posts should be based on positive factors of the above topics.
  • No scare tactics
  • Stories will be fact-checked. Writing must be credible - misleading or false claims will be edited and/or story will be rejected without refund.
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Price: $ 35.00
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