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Description of Organization

Windspire Energy makes the innovative Windspire® wind turbine, which allows more people to participate in wind power by harnessing the wind right outside their door.

Clean. Simple. Smart.

Clean Energy for You
Affordable, attractive, and ultra quiet, Windspire wind turbines give you the power to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside your door. At only 30 feet tall and 4 feet wide, the Windspire wind turbine is distinguished by its sleek propeller-free design and ultra quiet operation. Designed for use where you live and work, Windspire is currently powering green buildings, homes, small businesses, schools, museums, parks, and much more.

Power from Wind
The Windspire wind turbine generates power when wind blows against its vertical airfoils, spinning the axis and generating power at the base. This power is then converted to AC electricity that is distributed to your home or building through a connection to your utility grid. This provides power for electric appliances such as lights, refrigerators, and air conditioners. While the technology behind the Windspire is quite complicated, the basic premise is simple: the stronger the wind the more power it will generate.

Wind and Site Requirements
The Windspire wind turbine was designed to operate in areas with average wind speeds of at least 10 mph (4.5 m/s), although it works best where average winds exceed 12 mph (5.4 m/s). Winds vary by location, even within a property, so generally preferred sites are clear of nearby obstructions like tall trees and buildings. Your Windspire Dealer can discuss siting guidelines with you in more detail.

Monitor Your Windspire
You can begin harnessing wind power within minutes of installation. With the wireless performance monitor available with your Windspire, you can use your computer to view a virtual dashboard that shows current wind conditions and how much power your Windspire is generating.

Look Smart and Save Money
The Windspire is priced much lower than other wind and alternative energy options. Independent tests confirm the Windspire will produce approximately 2,000 kilowatt hours per year in 12 mile per hour average winds. This equates to approximately 25% of annual residential energy use in the United States. The U.S. Federal Government provides a 30% tax credit off the total cost of the Windspire including installation fees. Many state and local incentives may be available in your area.

Get Started.
Contact a local dealer today for a site evaluation. The certified dealer can visit your property to give you suggestions on where to place the turbines for the most energy generation. They can also help you with local permits, rebates and costs to install Windspires. To find a dealer go to:


Annual Energy Production (AEP) with 12 mph|5.4m/s average wind speed 2000 kWh*
Instantaneous Power Rating (IPR) 1.2 kW
Standard Unit Height 30ft | 9.1m, pole extension options
Sound Measurement 8 dB above ambient in 50 mph wind
Total Weight 625 lb
Min Wind Required for Power 8.5 mph
Rated Wind Speed 25 mph
Survival Wind Speed 105 mph
Rotor Material Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminum
Monopole/Structure Material Recycled High Grade Steel
Standard Warranty 5 years

* AEP is based on assumptions, including a Rayleigh wind speed distribution and sea level air density.


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