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Company Description

Natural Connections offers a wide range of Oakland & Macomb County animal control services for homes and business that are plagued by nuisance wildlife. We have a 24/7 emergency response team who are trained to handle all types of wildlife problems. It is our commitment to provide you with wildlife control service that effectively removes any nuisance wildlife occupying your home while making sure that the animals are humanely treated and relocated to alternate den or nesting sites.

To ensure a successful resolution, our wildlife management service is categorized into three distinct phases:


The first phase of service includes a full inspection of the problem whether it is inside, outside, or both. This involves checking all parts of your home, such as the attic, crawlspace, basement, and other possible hiding places. The inspection aims to identify the species, determine the entry points, and devise a plan of action. The service technician will then provide you with an estimate of repairs. All repairs are guaranteed for a period of 3 years.


Upon the completion of the inspection, the service technician will be able to pinpoint the problem and determine the best technique to remove the nuisance wildlife from your home or business. You will be provided with an overall assessment of the situation, which includes the trapping strategy that will be utilized. All animals that have been successfully trapped and caught will then be relocated to a safe, natural habitat.


The last phase focuses on animal damage control. Once the pests have been successfully removed, the technician will repair the damaged area in a manner that will prevent the problem from reoccurring. In addition, the service technician will identify and repair any other areas that may potentially allow animals to gain entry. Our Oakland & Macomb County pest control technician will employ animal proofing and exclusion strategies to prevent future problems with these creatures.

For more descriptive information, visit http://www.humanewildlife.net/services

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