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What is OakGreen?

OakGreen is an initiative to share information, encourage collaboration and connect Oakland County residents, businesses and communities to resources that can advance environmental stewardshipeconomic growth and strong communities.

OakGreen’s Mission

The mission of OakGreen is to provide businesses, communities and residents the knowledge and tools to be more sustainable, reduce expenses, and embrace the “Triple Bottom Line”.

Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line

  • Sustainability means meeting our present needs without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • The Triple Bottom Line includes economic, environmental, and community factors as part of success:

Reduced energy consumption means

  • Money saved – Economic bottom line
  • Cleaner Air – Environmental bottom line
  • Stronger Economy – Community bottom line

The OakGreen Challenge 

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson issued an “OakGreen Challenge” at the May 13, 2010 Green Summit Event. The OakGreen Challenge encourages home, business and government facilities to decrease energy consumption by 10% within the next two years.

Win the Oakgreen Challenge and have your utility bills paid for one year.

 L. Brooks Patterson, County Executive

L. Brooks Patterson, County Executive

“Oakland County is leading by example. We have been working to reduce our energy consumption in county buildings. Our efforts have translated to a savings or cost avoidance of $4 million in our utility bills since 2005.”


Patterson Kicks Off OakGreen Challenge


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