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Constitution Hall – 1S - P.O. Box 30457
Lansing, MI 48909-7957

Contact: David Herb
Phone: 517-284-6863


Company Description

Retired professionals are available through the Retired Engineer Technical Assistance Program (RETAP) to assist businesses and institutions in Michigan with pollution prevention (P2) and energy efficiency. Businesses of 500 employees or fewer in the state and institutions of any size are eligible. RETAP services are free of charge.


Pollution Prevention and/or Energy Assessments Request a Free RETAP Assessment

  • RETAP provides confidential, nonregulatory on-site assessments encompassing all or part of a facility.
  • Teams of RETAP engineers review operations for potential cost saving opportunities achievable thru source reduction, material substitution, reuse/recycling, water conservation, and energy efficiency.
  • Written reports containing specific recommendations to save money, increase efficiency, eliminate waste, minimize waste disposal and treatment, reduce risks and liability, and promote a positive public image.
  • There is no obligation to implement RETAP recommendations. However, significant cost savings can be achieved from employing P2 and energy efficiency techniques. Follow-up with companies assisted through RETAP has shown annual cost savings averaging over $40,000 per facility.
  • To date, RETAP has completed over 1600 assessments.


Specified Technical Assistance

  • RETAP provides confidential, nonregulatory, nonbinding, on-site technical assistance limited to a given P2 or energy efficiency issue specified by the business or institution.
  • A RETAP engineer evaluates the operation/system or facility condition and provides a concise written report containing specific P2 or energy efficiency recommendations addressing the issue specified.


RETAP Engineers and Contractor

RETAP maintains nearly sixty (60) retired engineers, scientists, and other professionals active in the program. Each RETAP engineer has thirty to forty years of experience with Michigan industries giving RETAP the unique ability to offer 2200 years of combined professional experience to help businesses save money free of charge.

The RETAP contractor for the past ten years has been the Retired Engineer Technical Assistance Foundation, which is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It is staffed by dedicated retired engineers and scientists with extensive industrial experience in waste reduction and energy efficiency assistance. The DEQ Office of Environmental Assistance administers the RETAP. The contractor is responsible for the daily management of the RETAP engineers and providing the written reports.




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