2691 Noble Rd.
Oxford, MI 48370

Contact: Deanne Bednar
Phone: 248-628-1887

Email: ecoartdb@gmail.com
Website: http://strawbalestudio.org/

The Strawbale Studio is a building ~ and also a Program that offers “re-skilling” education in both traditional and evolving techniques ~ ranging from foraging wild food to roof thatching with Phragmites reed grass! Our focus is on using (dancing with) local resources in an efficient, practical, artful and joyful way.
Folks that come for an activity can experience a great number of ways to help reweave people and nature in harmony. Currently, in 2014, there are several outbuildings on site which have living roofs and thatched roofs as well as wall systems made of strawbale wall construction, wattle and daub, and cob, covered with earth plasters. Other sustainable components on site are Rocket Stove Mass Heaters, an outdoor Rocket Cooker, Solar Oven, Earth Ovens, Hay Box Cooker, Worm Composting, and Gardens that are using Permaculture principles. Under construction are a buried boat root cellar and Hobbit Sauna !
The original building, the Strawbale Studio building, started in 1997. This structure with a fieldstone foundation, strawbale walls and a thatched roof was created with and for Fran Lee, who owned the land along with her brother & sister-in-law John Hartom and Lisa Blackburn). Other core-team builders were Carolyn Koch & Gregie Mathews. In 2003 Deanne Bednar bought the land – which was already nicely developed with stone walls, gardens & infrastructure – and, along with many others, continued to create models of sustainability. Volunteers, class students and worktraders have always been very important in the creation of this place.
Check out the website strawbalestudio.org for many ways to learn, experience and contribute to this place, and take the ideas to your place and community!

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