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We want to thank our Staff, Volunteers, and Supporters. Without their participation, we couldn’t do what we do. is here to serve you, your family, and the community as a whole. With that in mind, we want to know if one of our representatives exceeded your expectations. Please take a moment and Let Us Know.

Cathleen Francois Executive Director and Partner,
CathleenF Cathleen Francois, also a professional speaker, is the Executive Director of, is vital in the structure and strategies of flow within Her much sought after strategic counseling in business expansion offers a unique edge to our promotional resources. She designs the connections, closings of contracts and synergies between companies and organizations for, as well as her other partnered companies and newly formed non-profit.

  • Executive Director of the Grass Roots Environmental Action Team Foundation (GREAT Foundation)
  • Operations Officer for Facility Engineering, LLC
  • Founder and President of LifeActionNow, Life Improvement Resources
  • Founding partner, Pipe Problem Solutions
  • Board Member of the Oakland County Workforce and Education Committee
  • Committee Member, Global Troy, Troy MI
  • Certified Hypnotherapist, active member of Int. Medical, Dental, Hypnotherapy Association, Intl. Association of Counselors and Therapists, and the Michigan Association of Counselors and Hypnotherapists
  • Certified Transformational Life Coach, Life SOULutions
  • Practitioner and Instructor of various natural wellness therapies
  • Minister with the Church of Spiritual Humanism
  • Former veteran and aerobics instructor and personal trainer for the U.S. Navy, NAVFAC Centerville Beach, NAVFAC Argentia, Newfoundland

She can be reached via e-mail at:


John Carlos Founder and Partner,
Considered one of the most ‘connected’ individuals in the region, and the original Benefactor of Synergies,  Founder and Partner of, John Carlos is also Executive Director of Facility Engineering, a firm that brokers relationships between contractors and facilities for ultimate reduction of consumption, sustainability, and renovative maintenance. John is also an active liaison for financial investments  and aiding businesses in non-traditional and traditional opportunities for growth and expansion.

Doug Elbinger Media Coordinator Representing
IMG_0892-1 Douglas Elbinger Managing Partner, Elbinger Media LLC

Senior Energy Systems Analyst, Newman Consulting Group

A native Detroiter, Douglas Elbinger is a business professional with an extensive record of achievement driving sales and profitability through a focus on marketing, public relations, team building, and exceptional customer service.

His media career began as a photo-journalist. While still in high school Doug photographed The Beatles on stage with them during their August 1966 concert in Detroit.  Since then Doug has traveled the world seeking out interesting people, places, and ideas. For over forty years Elbingers’ work has appeared in countless books, magazines, newspapers, annual reports, album covers, trade journals, catalogs, and web sites. Artists, politicians, businesspeople, and families everywhere have counted on Doug to “put them in a good light”.

Over the years his business interests have evolved from photography to include graphic design, publishing, video production, marketing, and media relations. “My core capability revolves around creating and executing strategic initiatives on all media platforms for marketing, product development, public policy, and media relations”, explains Doug in a recent interview.

Elbinger is hands-on in media production, from press conference management to scripting an infomercial. “In the last several years I have focused my efforts in the renewable energy and energy conservation spaces. I am a co-founder of, a cloud-based solar design service that is one of the Quicken Loans family of companies, based in Detroit, Michigan. More recently, I have become an advocate for PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing and partnered with Newman Consulting Group LLC, an internationally recognized team of experts in commercial and industrial energy management systems.”

Douglas Elbinger serves on the board of directors of the non-profit organization ‘Grass Roots Environment Action Team’ (GREAT) and is a regular contributor to Environmental Network News (, Renewable Energy World ( and Construction Association of Michigan Magazine (  In 2016, Doug was named Director of the Michigan Sustainable Living Summit by the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA).

Lia Russo Media Consultant
Lia is a Southwest Detroit native and a student at Oakland Community College. Born a humanitarian with a commitment to helping people around her, she is studying emergency medicine and has a strong background in communication. She is currently’s Media Consultant, and plans on using her experience with the public to engage in more events and help connect the community to our company.

Lia can be reached via e-mail at:

Jordan Larson Sustainability Economics Specialist
Jordan has been fascinated by the intersection of economics and the environment since he took his first economics class in high school. Studying Ecological Economics in college gave Jordan the background and framework to understand and communicate this complex intersection, out of which grew his passion for energy research and energy sustainability. Looking toward the future, Jordan will be applying this fall to University of Michigan in hopes of pursuing a dual Masters degree with the School of Natural Resources and the Ross School of Business. After completing his Masters, Jordan hopes to begin a career in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental) investing as a sustainability analyst.

Jordan Larson can be reached via e-mail at:

Kelly Showers Marketing Outreach Director
I hail from the great city of Detroit where its either put up or shut up
I was raised by my mother, my grandparent and experience. From that upbringing I’ve learned to live on two principles; Faith and Ambition.Faith is what gives you the courage to believe that you can accomplish anything. Ambition gives you the drive to see It through.I’m all about growing and building through the many forms of communication that are available to us.I’d like to grow and evolve in the realm of Media and Social Media Relations, Marketing Communications and Brand Management. To publish information about events and companies both locally and national.My goal is to master those various forms to build connections from one industry to the next. With mastering this craft I’d like to start up a Public Relations firm of my own catering to Brand Management and Consulting.

He can be reached via e-mail at:

Lisa Lakian Marketing Outreach Director, Events Coordinator
Residing in Royal Oak Michigan, Lisa has worked in marketing & advertising for over 30 years. She has graduate and undergraduate degrees from Central Michigan University. Lisa has worked as a media buyer & planer and an expert in selling advertising & sponsorships. She has traveled all over the world interviewing race car drivers for the internet and radio. These have played in the United States and Canada.

Lisa can be reached via e-mail at:

Bob Mattler Senior News Correspondent 
Green Agent Man, Associate Broker, Attorney and LEED AP BD+C, Principal at Green Portfolio Solutions

Mr. Mattler speaks and writes about emerging green real estate issues in Michigan and elsewhere.  He is actively involved in the green building and sustainability movement in Michigan, speaking, writing and spreading this message to developers, owners, investors, attorneys, brokers, builders, students and all other interested parties. Building on 28 years as a licensed Michigan attorney and real estate broker, Bob has continued to specialize in green buildings and sustainable practices by becoming a LEED AP, BD&C (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional, Building Design and Construction), certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). He is also a certified instructor of the GREEN designation through the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Bob is currently on the Board of Directors of the local chapter of the USGBC. He has spoken and written widely on green development, retrofits, sustainability and green building for numerous universities, non-profit organizations, trade, business and industry groups.

He can be reached by e-mail at:

Julianna Tschirhart Writer, representing
Julianna Tschirhart Julianna Tschirhart is a native Metro Detroiter and graduate of the Master of Urban & Regional Planning program at the University of Michigan with a concentration in transportation planning. She currently serves on the board of directors of Transportation Riders United, a nonprofit organization that has advocated for more and better public transit in Greater Detroit since 1998. Julianna is looking forward to the second Automobili-D portion of the NAIAS. She is excited to see innovations in the relationship between transportation and the built environment and how the automotive industry is working toward a more sustainable future.

She can be reached via e-mail at:

Birgit Keil Assisting in Education and Curriculum
Political “Green” CartoonistNational prize winning cartoonist and illustrator Birgit Keil brings whimsy to books, cartoons, animation, and ads. Animals, vegetable and minerals, you name it. Her work includes numerous honors and awards, bestselling products, pro-bono projects and most of all – passion.Keil’s “Just Bea” cartoon brings greening and cause mindedness to the forefront in a light and whimsical way. Making people see that the small things they do really do make a difference. Her work includes General Motors, Pure Michigan, Michigan, Humane Society, Green Living Science, World Clothes Line, Helpers Unite, Happy Trails Michigan, Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor – and of course what Bea and gang are up to at and be sure to “like” and help support the Facebook page, too! Facebook/Just Bea Cartoon Her background as a VP/Associate Creative Director on the National Chevy Events and Promotions round out her portfolio and helps to bring many projects to life.You can check out her work at

Lindy Lindell Sports Writer, Author, Historian

Lindy Lindell has been in Detroit and its environs since 1978 and considers Motown to be the first place he’s been comfortable in his 72 years on this planet.  How could one be comfortable in Norfolk, VA or Butzbach, Germany?  In the time that remains, I will be involved with (1) saying nice things about Detroit while, unlike Emily Gail, not bugging out;  (2) writing a book (Joe Louis, Race and Boxing in Detroit) featuring one of Detroit’s famous but misunderstood 1st sons;  (3) trying to persuade the powers-that-are to listen to me when I proselytize “How to Read Fiction in Plain English”;  and (4) making a documentary with the Johnston brothers (Joe and Peter) on former Detroiters returning to their old neighborhoods. His book, Metro Detroit Boxing (MI) (Images of Sports) can be viewed or purchased by clicking the title.

Dan Stickradt Journalist, representing
Daniel Stickradt
Dan Stickradt is a 23-year veteran multi-media journalist / editor / copy editor who has served in the Detroit area and Michigan media circles since early 1993. A life-long resident of Metro Detroit, he has served in a multitude of media outlets, including the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers (15 years), (six years), Rochester Clarion (four years), Detroit News, Mid-State Sports, High School Sports Scene Magazine, The Real Deal Magazine, State Champs Network, AOL-Patch Media, and MiPrepZone, among others. He is active on multiple social media platforms and also has marketing and sales experience. He is founder of the Stickradt Media Group (public relations) / and an avid sports fan. A graduate of Rochester High School and Oakland University, he is also currently a licensed agent with Farm Bureau Insurance-Michigan.
He can be reached via e-mail at:


Paul Vachon Reporter/Automotive, Historian, representing
Paul Vachon is a Detroit based freelance writer with interests in Automotive, Green Living, Business, Education and Local History. His books Forgotten Detroit, South Oakland County and Legendary Locals of Detroit (coming May, 2013) share a bevy of fascinating, little known stories of our region’s past.You can follow him on Twitter: @paulrvachon.Paul can be reached at (248) 425-3641 or via e-mail at:

Jim Klein Professional Photographer, representing
Mr. Klein’s unending passion for photography began early, with frequent viewing of his family’s photos and hearing the memorable stories they recalled for his family. Currently, Jim photographs for sponsored events and his church’s events, as well as being a corporate, portrait, product, and wedding photographer throughout metro Detroit.Jim has over 25 years’ experience in architectural, documentary, event, fine art, photojournalism, street, and teaching photography. With a MFA in photography from UM, Jim received a state of Michigan Creative Artist Grant and a state of Michigan Art Project Grant for a visual study of southwest Detroit, and has been involved in several other community art photography projects. His images have been in numerous exhibitions throughout the metropolitan area, most recently at the Grosse Pointe Art Center and the Detroit Artist Market. He has over 15 years experience teaching photography at UM and Oakland Community College. Jim successfully transitioned from film to digital photography over ten years ago, becoming an expert in Photoshop and other photographic software. He held leadership positions as president of Michigan Friends of Photography (three years) and head of the Midwest Society for Photographic Educators (four years). He also assisted Detroit’s architectural photographer, Glen Moon, for over ten years. Jim is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).Most recently, Jim enjoys photographing the people he meets and the events he attends, capturing the moments with quality photographs of lasting artistic and personal value.Some of his photos can be seen on Facebook!/GreeningDetroit/photos_stream and he can be reached via e-mail at: or by phone at (313) 737-5481

Andrew Walsh
GD Andrew Walsh Andrew Walsh is finalizing his graduate degree in marketing at Walsh College.  His responsibilities include social media platforms for the various companies represented by and works on various aspects of the data research, social media and internal website development. He is the chief sports ranter for
He can be reached via e-mail at:

Cecelia Wells Professional Photographer and Writer, representing
Cecelia Wells Cee Cee is a freelance photographer with In The Moment Film and Photography, Inc, and a Corporate Photographer for Her aspirations are to explore; With creativity and passion for photojournalism. Experience with event photography, but not limited to a full-scale photography capacity. Above all, She employs a spirit of exceptional focus, integrity, honesty and vision.She can be contacted via Email at:

Chris Lester (Cheech) Computer Scientist, representing
Señor Ninguno Mr. Lester is proficient in many programing languages including HTML, CSS, C#, .NET, Java, JSP, PHP, XML, ETC, and is in the process of mastering WordPress.Furthermore, he has experience in Graphic Design, Video Compiling, Wireless Communications, Hardware Equipment and essential Software Engineering Skills and possesses an Associates Degree in Software Engineering.He likes long walks on the beach and gazing at the moon…Contact Information:


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