A note from Jon Isenberg, Owner, Elite Networking & Consulting

Hurricane Season officially began on June 1st and will run thru November 30th.  The National Hurricane Center stated recently that they expect more hurricanes than normal in the Atlantic region.  But even if you don’t live along the East or Gulf Coasts, a significant outbreak of severe weather that swept through the Mountain West, Great Plains, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast just before Memorial Day brings one fact into sharp focus: businesses big and small must be prepared with backup and disaster preparedness solutions that protect data, systems, and employees.

It’s not just hurricanes that can cause damage – tornadoes can generate large rain falls, hail, landslides, and high winds.  For tornadoes, it’s not just the wind that causes the damage, it’s the change in air pressure that can cause buildings to explode.

That’s why concerns about data protection and data backup are so critical and important.  Here are some statistical information for your review:More