Adventures of an Urban Cyclist

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It is bike to work month.  Last month you pulled out your favorite bike and had it tuned-up.  I know you checked your overall health and will begin bike riding with the blessing of your health professional.  A bike club can provide the motivation you may need to ride on a  consistent basis.  I recently heard about Detroit Bike Club, which promotes Slow Rolls.  Slow Rolls provides weekly bike rides in the city of Detroit.  You don’t have to worry about being left behind because you think you are too slow.  The cycling events by Slow Roll include all levels of cyclist.  The goal of Slow Roll is to enjoy the city of Detroit by bike.  No cyclist is left behind is the motto of the leaders of  the Slow Roll ride.

Join a bike ride to improve your health, meet good people, and to see Detroit.


To find out about the upcoming rides of Detroit visit: