Michigan Takes the Lead in Clean Energy Initiatives 

Utilities and Public Interest Groups Announce Breakthrough

Doug Elbinger
By Douglas Elbinger, Energy Systems Analyst, Newman Consulting Group

After being left behind in the dust by dozens of other states in respect to clean energy policy, Michigan has stepped up to a leadership position with a progressive new energy policy without the use of ballot proposals or legislative action.

 In a voluntary agreement with public interest groups, led by the Clean Energy, Healthy Michigan (CEHM) committee, Michigan’s two largest utilities jointly announced on May 18, 2018, that they are “targeting at least a 50 percent Clean Energy Goal by 2030“. The specifics of the initiative will be included in their upcoming Integrated Resource Plans, which the utilities are required to present to the Michigan Public Service Commission. The utilities say they will reach most of the goal through energy efficiency initiatives, but at least 25% of the result will come directly from renewable energy. More