Recovery Park Logo 1852 W. Grand Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48208

Contact: Gary Wozniak

  RecoveryPark’s Social Mission

RecoveryPark is a collaborative effort by a number of non-profit and for-profit groups within the Detroit region. The focus of this collaboration is to drive sustainable neighborhood economic recovery based on agri-business. RecoveryPark is being developed as a job creation engine providing jobs throughout the entire food production value chain. This value chain is based on food grown in an urban farming setting within the Detroit region. Urban farming within the Detroit region will lead to the renewal of abandoned and blighted urban properties that would otherwise continue to decay.

The RecoveryPark is being driven by Self Help Addiction Rehabilitation (SHAR), a Detroit-based Therapeutic Community (TC) established in 1969. SHAR’s mission is to transform individuals with addiction and co-occurring disorders into recovering people, capable of living a full and productive life.

The Story of RecoveryPark