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Our Mission

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History of our Dedication…

What does the word GREEN mean?


Our Mission is to provide and exhibit to the Metro Detroit geographic region a comprehensive website which highlights resources of new technologies and better ways of doing things.  This includes the suppliers of green products and services, along with the social involvement of successful organizations, associations, governments, schools, and informational resources. By doing so, we support the development of an environmentally sound future for a better tomorrow.

 Our objective is to strategically connect and expand your business with parallel and complimentary associations along with consumers. We support and help integrate the development of an environmentally sound future with Detroit’s leading companies, especially suppliers of green products/services.

As a media source, we expose the latest news relevant to our mission and sponsor events that help build community, health, and state sustainability.


With over 400 businesses and organizations represented, we are an on-line mirror of the Metro-Detroit Community; the Green Database Website of information for one of the largest industrial regions of the world! To the public we are an informational, educational portal and a media source. To our public relations clients, we are the connectors and aggregates of synergies and opportunities to the best and brightest, passionate people and organizations that make up our community from the leading sectors of society including:

  •     State and local government
  •     Universities and K-12 schools
  •     Chambers of commerce
  •     Business organizations interested in regional growth
  •     Non-profits from all sectors
  •     Health and wellness organizations and practitioners
  •     Industry leaders of sustainability, local eco-friendly products and services


Everyone wants and deserves to save money, get educated, love Detroit, support local community and economy, get involved, and stay connected. serves as a resource for businesses and individuals across the Metro Detroit region.  Both the community and our participating vendors provide information and resources to help consumers make intelligent environmentally conscious decisions.  Each represented button has been designed to highlight the resources of our region, for those particular sectors of our communities.  Like everything else in the real world, each one of our buttons are interconnected with one another.


Help to optimize your brand, goods, and services! Through various methods and design customized for you, we can help ensure your personal and our region’s global competitiveness. works as a Public Relations company, assisting in pushing out press releases and articles, and creating content for your social media.  Other times we wear our Media badges and bring additional community or industry synergies, bringing information to the surface.  Our interactive directories have been created as a visional aid to interconnect internal pages and their information.  Adding to the conquest of creating opportunity, you will find that has more network possibilities than your average Joe could ever attract.  So as you can see, we work very differently than other advertisement agencies!

Our SEO is interconnected organically and strategically with thousands of other pages across multiple sectors with accredited third party integrity.

Our connections include our own Synergy Leaders Council, composed of area leaders that provide us with up to date information on the latest trends and challenges within their specific arenas.

Our team includes: City Commissioners, County Executives, Lead Attorneys, University Professors, Doctors, Investors, CEO’s, Facility Managers, Executive Directors and other decision makers ready to collaborate and aide in the sustainable and economic expansion of our region.


Metro Detroit’s Future for a Better Tomorrow


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 went live on February 15, 2010 with its own identity with a primary focus on community unity and awareness. We have been recognized with many awards including…

  • Michigan Green hall of fame 2016
  • 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies of Michigan 2012, 2013, and 2014
  • corp! Michigan’s Going Green Award 2011
  • OCDEC 2013 women in leadership


We are constantly receiving assistance and advice from members of the community.  Our goal is to attract a group of leaders like no other! pursues the attraction of advice from each group in what makes up the community and what makes up our site.  Due to the massive spread of the amount of resources that our participating members of our Synergy Leaders Council can bring to surface, we have chosen certain groups to advise us:  Posted government agencies of different levels; nonprofits of all sorts; industry based associations; media partners; industry specialist; community leaders; financial advisors; communication specialists; social media specialist; visional aid specialist; and others not list.



“ GreeningDetroit is on the Move” ! Yes that’s right; we have been given our own Motown theme song by some old school legendary Detroiters!  Special thanks go out to our friends that donated their hard work, time, and efforts in creating a new song with an old sound to it… LCT: Lukata Kenyatta, Calvin Robinson, and Tommy Douglas. Click here for “ Theme Song Lyrics”



We believe the word “green” has been misused as a marketing buzzword. At, we carefully consider what it means to be “green,” and we expect participating companies and organizations to uphold that definition.

Our definition of green is established in the following commitment: We provide exposure to products or services that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, promote reduction of consumption, when possible, use locally-based ingredients and incorporate reused materials, encourage healthy behavior and/or support the local economy, monetarily and humanely.



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