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101BBSustainWinHorz4c2-copy-300x106 copy This symposium, provided by the Michigan Business and Professional Association, is the “Academy Awards” of Human Resources. This celebration is designed to recognize the accomplishments of the 101 leading businesses, while raising the excellence benchmark bar.Click here to read more.

                   Click Here to find out More! Top 1% Most Viewed Linkedin Profiles for 2012.Click here to read more.

ocedc copy R. Frank Russell, Oakland County Employment Diversity Council Chairperson awards John Carlos from for his involvement in the community and the efforts of his company in the diversity and roll on woman in Oakland County.Click here to read more.

101BBSustainWinHorz4c2-copy-300x106 The 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies celebrate organizations that inspire and produce green technology to impact the industry and environment. This is the premier awards symposium that celebrates those companies that are making their businesses more sustainable.Click here to read more.

corp-logo21-300x139 copy The 2011 Michigan’s Going Green Awards were presented to companies and organizations that have demonstrated exemplary efforts in such eco-friendly initiatives as air quality, green building/business practices and environmental stewardship.Click here to read more.












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