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Case Study: Energy Consumption Reduced by 86% with LED Lighting and Advanced Control Systems

Posted on: Sunday, December 28th, 2014 at 3:11 pm

     By Douglas Elbinger, Energy Systems Analyst, Newman Consulting Group, LLC.em-logo

   Yes. You read that right. 86%

You’ve already heard, perhaps many times, that changing your conventional lighting (incandescent, fluorescent, halogen etc…) lighting to LED is a guaranteed money saver …but there is more to the story. Did you know that using advanced control systems will leverage those savings even more?

In the last few years LED technology has dramatically improved in cost and efficiency. Measured in lumens watts per, the quantity of LED light output has increased by a factor of 10. As an example, a conventional 60-watt incandescent bulb emits 16 lumens per watt. Off the shelf LED lights often emit 160 lumens or more per watt. Look up at your ceiling, count the lights and do the math.

Case in point: Milosch’s Palace auto dealership in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Milosch’s Palace has been servicing Lake Orion’s automotive needs since 1960. Like any auto dealer …lighting is a critical component in the successful operation of their facility. Indoors for their showroom and service areas and outdoors on the lot. When the maintenance and energy costs for lighting started to jump out of the financial statements, Mark Milosch knew it was time to study the options.

The Situation

Fortunately, when Mark Milosch surveyed the landscape for lighting experts, he discovered that Southeast Michigan is a global hotbed of LED innovation.

After a diligent search, Mark began discussion with the Electro-Matic team regarding a lighting upgrade for his auto dealership. The discussion centered on replacement of defective and energy inefficient lighting. The primary objective was to create efficient and cost-effective lighting levels throughout the entire facility, without additional cost for poles and infrastructure. To start, the Electro-Matic team created aB&A-2 comprehensive lighting analysis (sometimes called an audit) to map out the placement and kind of lighting and determine the scope of the project.

Lighting Analysis Report

The original lighting included over 121 various types of parking lot pole mounted lighting, wall packs, building floods, canopy and soffit cans. Many of them were energy hungry Metal Halide type lamps. The lighting analysis also revealed a total operating wattage of 97,228w and an annual usage 447,022 of KwH!


As part of the ‘lighting analysis’, Electro-Matic took foot candle readings of the auto dealership’s existing lighting system and performed photometric analysis studies which were reviewed with the client and modified several times to insure all lighting and financial objectives were attained. With strong competition from several other bidders Electro-Matic was awarded the contract based on product, technical solutions and overall recommendations supporting the objectives from the Milosch Palace Chrylser auto dealership.

Advanced Lighting Controls

In addition to the new outdoor LED Lighting plan, Electro-Matic introduced their Wattstopper’s wireless control system to the dealership, which would allow for even more energy reduction as well as improve on the auto dealership’s overall theſt protection with strategically located occupancy or ‘motion detector’ sensor devices. These wireless intelligent controls allow for the Auto Dealership to dim their LED Lighting at midnight every night, to 50% lumen output, which equates to saving more energy. Electro-Matic and Wattstopper further enhanced the security solution to Mark Milosch’s concern of theft and safety at the dealership, by installing motion sensors that returned dimmed fixtures to 100% if someone enters the premise. This then alerts Milosch of movement on the lot with direction to check their security cameras and assess the situation.


With the outdoor LED Lighting plan, Electro-Matic was able to redesign and repurpose the Auto Dealership’s existinemv-1g electrical poles and adapters without any business interruptions. In addition to designing a state of the art lighting and security system, Electro-Matic also played an important role in securing rebates for the project, with up to almost 30% of the project paid for by utility incentives and rebates. Intangible benefits include overall positive feedback from the customers and employees has been exceptional regarding improved near day-light light levels of the LED Lights and improved appearance of the inventory in the lot.

Annual Energy Usage Reduction

Based on actual and projected readings, Electro-Matic’s LED Lighting solution was able to reduce annual lighting energy consumption of Milosch’s Palace by 86%.

Yes. You read that right. 86%.

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