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Detroit will always be known as the birthplace of the automobile, but that great honor and leap forward in transportation technology came with a dark side; negative environmental impact. Global warming, environmental degradation, health implications, and emission of greenhouse gasses must all be weighted against the great convenience and freedom of owning a car. The transport sector attributes up to 23% of the globe’s greenhouse gas emission resulting from the burning of fossil fuels, and road transport accounts for three quarters of that figure. The local aspect of birthing the auto assembly line is the fact that the Big Three may be responsible for inhibiting the potential rise of a fully functional public transportation system. But Metro Detroit is positioned to reclaim its title of the Auto Capital of the World in the 21st Century in developing the technology and testing autonomous vehicles, clearly the way of the future. Greening Detroit is strategically positioned to take advantage of advances in transportation promoting, connecting, and advising the companies that will ultimately determine how you get to where you want to go.

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