Innate Healing Center

18700 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48203

Contact: Dr. Bob Pizzimenti
Phone: 313-366-2247



Featuring: Innate Chiropractic & The Goldengate Café

Innate Chiropractic
Dr. Bob Pizzimenti has been in practice for over 30 years and is internationally and locally known for his unique style of energy healing & chiropractic. Looking at the patient as water or ‘chi’, he helps to unwind them through various hands-on-techniques. With a lifelong passion in reaching out to the community, no patient will be turned away because of a fee. Innate Chiropractic strives to help patients heal themselves!

Chiropractic Hours
M 8am-8pm
T 8am-8pm
W 8am-8pm
TH 8am-8pm
F 8am-8pm
SAT 8am-8pm
S 8am-8pm
*Hours are flexible and emergency appointments can be accommodated

Goldengate Café
Tucked away just south of the “burbs”, is one of Detroit’s most eclectic and welcoming vegan ventures: The Goldengate Café! The café features a varied selection of smoothies to stir-fry & home-baked cookies to pizza. With fresh produce from local markets and community based philosophies, you don’t have to go far to eat good!

Café Hours
M 11am- 10pm
T 11am- 10pm
W 11am- 2am
TH 11am-11pm
F 11am-11pm
SAT 11am-11pm
S 11-4:00 Brunch
*Hot orders to be placed before 9pm

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