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Rooftop Area

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Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Coatings offer high reflectivity that save air conditioning dollars. If you do not have air conditioning, the building exterior heat can be reduced significantly in summer months and increase employee productivity.   Look for coatings manufacturers that offer these products to reduce energy bills and improve your work environment.

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Live Roofs
Rooftop gardens provide significant environmental advantages.  They maintain a healthy ecosystem and improve air quality through the benefits of photosynthesis.  Plants recharge the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen … this is particularly important in urban areas where the presence of vegetation is limited.  The beauty of rooftop gardens is an added benefit, perhaps second to the environmental advantages.   Roofers experienced in rooftop gardens can construct the gardens while considering and addressing all aspects of roofing concerns.Click Here to be introduced to an Expert!
PV Laminate Module (Solar Shingles)
There are many forms of Photo Voltaic cells to choose from, and this year a shingle-type module is due to enter the market. Federal and state tax credits may apply as well as a DTE rebate program.
Green Roofs
Use shingles that contain recycled materials as part of their content. You also have the option of roofing systems that can be fully recycled. These efforts to reduce our land fill can earn you LEED points.
Rooftop Units
Energy efficient units may qualify you for an EPACT 2005 federal tax deduction, and a DTE rebate. Look at replacing CFC units for more environmentally-friendly units. Replace HCFC units as well – you may earn LEED points.Check the economizer. Many air-conditioning systems use a dampered vent called an economizer that draws in cool outside air when it is available to reduce the need for mechanically cooled air. If not regularly checked, the linkage on the damper can seize up or break. An economizer stuck in the fully open position can add as much as 50 percent to a building’s annual energy bill by allowing hot air in during the air-conditioning season and cold air in during the heating season. Have a licensed technician check, clean, and lubricate your economizer about once a year, and repair it if necessary. If the economizer is still operating, have the technician clean and lubricate the linkage and calibrate the controls.Check air-conditioning temperatures. With a thermometer, check the temperature of the return air going to your air conditioner and then check the temperature of the air coming out of the register that is nearest the air conditioning unit. If the temperature difference is less than 14° Fahrenheit (F) or more than 22°F, have a licensed technician inspect your air-conditioning unit.


Storm Water Runoff
Install a collection system to capture the storm water run-off. Use the water for irrigation or a gray water system. Putting water run-off to use eventually helps reduce pumping of sewage into our rivers, and therefore can minimize municipal sewage system maintenance costs. This action can help you earn LEED points.
Gray Water Collection
Incorporating a gray water collection system will reduce municipal system fresh water supply and sewer system loading. This will also minimize freshwater irrigation and water closet flushing. Earn LEED points!
White Roof
White roofs reflect the summer heat away from the building. To get the most out of white roofs, they may need cleaning every couple of years to maintain their reflectivity. A white roof may earn you LEED points.Use reflective roof products that lower roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a building’s interior. ENERGY STAR-labeled roof products save money and energy by reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to keep a building comfortable. 


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