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“Innovative snow and ice removal companies have been using Calcium Chloride Salt Brine for years as a de-icing agent.  There are many ways that using Calcium Chloride Brine instead of rock salt or magnesium helps the environment.  Brine is not only much less harsh on turf and plants, but asphalt, concrete, and skin.  It also has several performance benefits listed below.  Also brine is comprised small amounts of actual salt, saving precious resources.

Materials readily adhere to the roadway better than with dry materials.  Pre-moistened materials begin dissolving snow pack and ice faster than dry materials.  The quantity of materials can be reduced when pre-moistened, since less material leaves the roadway during spreading.  Corrosion of equipment is minimized by spraying the liquid salt at the spinner.  Operators report quicker melting with the pre-moistening process, which means better service to the traveling public.

For all of these reasons Calcium Chloride Liquid Salt Brine is the more eco-friendly or “green” way to stay ahead of the ice and snow during the harsh winter months 

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Retention Pond
Use retention ponds for site irrigation to lower water usage.


Use retention ponds or gray water for site irrigation to lower water usage.

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Compost Devices
Develop a composting system to help reduce land fill and use it to fertilize the grounds. Landscapers can help with this – or you can do this on your own.



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