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 When it comes to fencing, nothing is greener than a live fence. Using plants to create barriers and privacy can be both elegant while also environmentally responsible . However, if you want something more sturdy- there are plenty to options when it comes to green materials. Fences made from salvaged material is the second greenest option- although finding suitable materials that match the aesthetics of your home may be difficult. No fear! Wood fences (wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the best choice), bamboo, or recyclable metals like aluminum are green choices which can all be tailored to suit your own personal taste. 
When it comes time to hire a lawn care company to do some work for you, look into businesses that do not use harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Instead choose a lawn care service that will use all natural, organic products on your lawn.Click Here to be introduced to an Expert!

Certain Landscaping firms are taking the time to help educate people on green practices that are beneficial to the environment.  One of those practices is planting trees.  The great thing about planting trees is that anyone can do it.  And as long as it is done properly the tree will grow, bloom and have a long life.

Educating young people on the importance of tree planting is key since they hold the future of the environment in their hands.  Take time to teach a young person how to plant a tree today, and if you need to, consult a landscaping firm for help.

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Use retention ponds or gray water for site irrigation to lower water usage.

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Compost Devices
Develop a composting system to help reduce land fill and use it to fertilize the grounds. Landscapers can help with this – or you can do this on your own. 


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