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Trash Containment

Recycling | Trash Removal | Bio Digesters

Use your recycling program. If there isn’t one help start one! Some cities have recycling centers available for drop off use even if there is no pick-up program in place.
Trash Removal
 Trash removal services may depend on your city. However, making sure to separate trash from recyclable material is an essential part of having a green home. For home renovation or other projects which require a more involved trash removal service- make sure to pick a company that will repurpose materials and make the most effort in keeping salvageable waste out of landfills.
Bio Digesters
Bio Digesters essentially digest organic material in an ecological way. They treat human waste- allowing water to be used for irrigation purposes. (While the water will not be fit for human or animal consumption- it will be perfect for plants, fertilization, and small fish ponds.) They are cleaner and easier alternatives to septic tanks- also having the added bonus that they are less likely to leak and are odorless. Bio Digesters also produce methane gas and if enough waste is created, they can potentially use this fuel to help power the home.


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