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Cleaning Products
Many products may promote that they are good for the environment. However, sometimes these labels can be misleading. Being informed about the cleaning products you purchase and use around your home can help the health and wellness of you and your family as well as the environment. One quick way to ensure the products you’re purchasing are to look for third party certifications to verify company claims (the two most popular certifications are EcoLogo and Green Seal). Looking at the EPA’s Greener Product Guide is also a good option for some pre-shopping research. Some companies like Whole Foods will actually rate the products they sell on their own Eco-Scale to help you make informed decisions.
Tankless Hot Water
Tankless Hot Water Heaters take cold water and heat it directly through either a gas burner or electric means. This is done directly as the water is needed so a storage tank is no longer necessary. This more direct method helps save energy and is less wasteful.


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