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Tile tends to be more hygienic than carpet and lacks the toxic chemicals which can be found in linoleum products. It can also be used for countertops and wall decorations- not just flooring. Using tile made of recycled materials helps reduce landfill waste and at the same time takes less energy to produce than tile from raw materials.
 Without water conservation fixtures installed, toilets consumer around 20 gallons of water per person each day. Switching from the more standard 3.5 gallons per flush model to a 1.6gpf one can help reduce water from 27,300 gallons to 12,500 gallons. Technology has vastly improved when it comes to water conservering toilets. It is both possible to have a top performing toilet and reduce water consumption at the same time.
Choosing low-flow water fixtures in your bathroom can cut water usage. This can save you a lot of water each year.
 Energy efficient fans, especially ENERGY STAR, fans are a must. These efficient fans can help s with around 60% energy savings. To get the best use out of your fan- use them every time you shower and don’t turn them off until a good 15 minutes after you have finished. This helps reduce moisture in the air and reduces the chance of mold forming- making your bathroom a healthier environment for you and your family.
Water Conservation Fixtures
 It’s estimated that if every household in the US would install water saving faucets or accessories (only in the bathroom setting, mind you) there would be a saving of around $350 million and 60 billion gallons of water. Installing things like toilets with dual flush options or shower heads with adjustable water pressure settings are a great start in saving yourself some money on your next water bill. Looks for Water Sense certification on bathroom purchases to find EPA approved products that will help you save.
Bathroom Products/Cosmetics
Purchasing cosmetics can be something that does not just improve your physical apprearance. By purchasing handmade cosmetics that are made with natural,vegetarian ingredients, you can improve the health of your skin while preventing harm to animals and the environment.Click Here to be introduced to an Expert!

There are many ways that you can “green” all aspects of your life, even when it comes to personal care. By purchasing personal care items that are hand crafted, all natural, eco-friendly and vegan, you are helping not only yourself, but the planet as well.

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Did you know there is a  pure skin care system available that is 100% free of any toxic chemicals?  Products are made fresh every 30 days using only certified organic ingredients.  These totally ‘green’ products nourish your skin and support a green planet.

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