U.S Solar Department

US Solar Dept is an organization dedicated to promoting the message that solar power is indeed both a clean and cost saving solution for most consumers and businesses. We believe that solar energy plays a large role in our future as economic and political uncertainties impact the cost of energy.

The dropping cost of solar panels and improvements in technology have dramatically impacted solar energy’s relevancy as a true value proposition that simply saves money. In many cases, consumers now have the option of engaging solar with minimal or no up-front cost and no out of pocket expense. New financing and leasing options provide the consumer with more flexibility than ever to take advantage of this emerging technology. The availability of strong government incentives also contribute to this being a great time to consider solar power for your home.

US Solar Dept only works with the highest rated installers and distributors. We perform the function of connecting the consumer to the right specialists who can provide both industry leading financing and quality service. Our network currently covers 39 states and is increasing every day!

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