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4055 4th Street
Detroit, MI 48201

Contact: Patience Young
Phone: 313-208-3154


Fourth Street Farm

Organization’s Description

The Fourth Street Farm is in its beginning stages. A mostly empty lot filled with dreams and volunteers working to make those dreams a reality. We hope to provide the resources and skills to provide your own food to our neighbors for free. We believe healthy food is a right, not a privilege. With a little sweat, elbow grease and team work anything is possible.

Organization’s Mission

The mission of the Fourth Street Farm is to provide a space for the community to garden for free.  We hope to enrich our neighborhood by making gardening accessible to our friends and neighbors, providing a beautiful space for the neighborhood to share food and ideas and amending lead levels in local soils to make the neighborhood safer for everyone.  Our farm has space and seeds for a wide variety of gardeners.  Most things will be grown individually, but we will grow herbs, potatoes and pumpkins together to save space and provide enough for everyone.  We would like to build a pumpkin patch across the street for our fall harvest festival, in which we want to give away pumpkins and hayrides.  We also provide space for local artists to share their work.  One artist is donating a sculpture to the main  garden and hopes to help us turn the old play ground around the corner into an art park. We would like to build a rain water catchment system connected to a tool shed. The tool shed will provide community access to necessary tools and a roof to collect rain.  By collecting rain water we can save on water costs and  provide an easy access to a water source.  With the Fourth Street Farm we hope to inspire communities to grow and share food ideas.

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