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200 East Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, MI 48083

Contact: Greg Quante
Phone: 248-379-9729


Taking Homeopathy to the Next Level
Every day your body and mind are exposed to the toxins and stresses of life, creating unhealthy imbalances in your body. Illnesses such as headaches, allergies, recurring infections, stomach ailments and so much more, are the result. Now there is a natural solution, ATÜN from Bioenergetic Wellness.Utilizing Bioenergetics – The next level of homeopathy, based on an individual’s DNA – ATÜN helps identify those imbalances that are associated with a wide variety of health issues including pain, lack of energy, headaches, ADD, upper respiratory conditions, allergies, IBS, earaches, recurring infections, toxins, emotional stress, pathogens such as Lyme disease, structural/connective tissue issues, metabolic issues such as diabetes and cholesterol, heavy metals and hundreds of other problems, and assists in balancing and correcting. Eliminating the guesswork from homeopathy.You Are Truly Unique
ATÜN understands that just as no two finger prints are the same, no two individuals health issues and accompanying underlying causes are the same. Your health issues and the program to address and resolve those issues are also unique. In short, just as the reasons for your body falling out of tune are unique to you – So are the solutions for addressing and correcting those issues.Utilizing homeopathy’s most advanced tool – a flexible bio-energetic screening system and a DNA swab – ATÜN analyzes a wide variety of your unique energetic signatures to evaluate your true health and energetic balance. Categories of analysis include airborne and food allergies, bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, dental materials, hormones, chemicals, vaccination toxicity, environmental / industrial pollution, pesticides, metals and many more factors that can contribute to poor health issues. ATÜN also scans and tests for substances that would be beneficial to your specific needs such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies and essential oils (get your essential oils analysis for only $29.95). When imbalances are found our database of thousands of frequencies assist in determining what caused your specific imbalances and produces a water-based, imprinted homeopathic solution to initiate the process of bringing your body back into a healthier balance. A unique solution for your unique, individual needs.
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