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34164 Woodward
Birmingham, MI 48009

Contact: Barry Murphy
Phone: 248-644-0666


Company Description

BatteriesPlus is a unique business in that we offer our consumers a wide selection of power sources for the ever-changing technological world we live in today. We do offer several selections of eco-friendly batteries for hearing aids in addition to our regular stock.

Green Initiatives

BatteriesPlus recycles batteries and many portable electronics. Recycling of batteries reduces waste in our landfills, stops harmful chemicals from contaminating soil and water, and preserves our environment by decreasing the need for new raw materials from the Earth.

We lead by example by recycling the majority of the batteries we sell. Not only do we recycle to protect our environment, we support retail and business customers alike by keeping them in full compliance with federal, state, municipal, EPA and DOT regulations governing the disposal and recycling of spent batteries and select electronics.

We recycle these types of spent batteries; lead acid (Pb) batteries used in cars, trucks and emergency lighting, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries used in cordless phones, cordless tools and two way radios, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries used in camcorders, bar code scanners and digital cameras, Lithium Ion (Li Ion) or Lithium Polymer (Li Poly) used in cell phones and laptops. We also accept portable electronic devices such as cell/smartphones, laptop/netbooks, MP3s, PDAs and portable tools for recycling.

Our recycling goal is to produce a positive impact on our environment by recovering and recycling more than we sell.

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