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8823 Satelite Dr, Suite 207
White Lake, MI 48386

Contact: Sandy Barris
Phone: (248) 335-8080


Business Marketing Services Business Marketing Services Business Marketing Services

When people ask me, Sandy, what exactly do you do every day? — many times—depending on whom I’m talking to, I start by saying “Industrial Manufacturing business owners turn to me to help fix their marketing that’s not working.

I’m known for increasing your business value by creating repeatable multi-channel direct response marketing campaigns which are always tested, measured and constantly improved for profitable results.

In a nutshell, I help you discover clarity, your uniqueness & direction, in other words, what you are REALLY Selling.

The biggest shift is that you’ll be able to focus your marketing message to catch the attention of future and existing clients, make clear offers, ask for a response and provide an easy way to respond.

You see… almost every client that calls (248-335-8080) & invites me in is the owner of their company and…

— Either they already have someone who’s helping with their marketing and it’s not delivering ROI.

— Or, they’re using in-house resources and what they’re doing is almost (but not quite) working and they can’t figure on whats missing.

— Or, they’ve been comfortable, haven’t marketed in a while and now need to market and are unsure what to do or even where to start.

Which means, when you call 248-335-8080, I’ll share with you a few marketing strategies and options to help get you more business from existing clients as well as how to get new clients to contact you.

And, even more important, I’ll help you discover what’s unique and valuable about your products, services and ideas by asking you some tough questions. These questions and your answers almost always help create marketing messages that are clear, concise, powerful and profitable.

Call me now, 248-335-8080, I promise, you’ll be glad you called.


Powerful, Decisive, Targeted, Proven, Multi-Channel Direct Response Marketing That Works!

Sandy Barris — “The Measurable Marketing Madman”
President – Business Marketing Services

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