P.O. Box 14578
Detroit, MI 48214

Contact: Delores Hubbard
Phone: 313-579-7448

Email: info@deloncs.ws
Website: http://www.deloncs.ws

Our Mission Statement:

To serve the community in preparing meals for adults and children while collaborating with other organizations to assist in feeding the hunger.

To provide life coaching skills to those individuals that have had drug abuse, and want to help themselves in remaining sober and looking for legitimate work/education to better support themselves.

Demographic territory: Metropolitan MI

Community involvement is necessary for the success of this non-profit organization. This non-profit is registered in compliance with the laws of the State of Michigan, and currently has its 501c3 tax exempt certification effective May 15, 2010 from the Internal Revenue Services. Donations are accepted in the form of cash/ or check/ or non-perishable foods;

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