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270 N. Old Woodward Ave.
Birmingham, MI 48009

Contact: Aurore Henze
Phone: 248-496-7313


GD Aurora pic 2Aurore Henze, an ayurvedic naturopath, health columnist for the Oakland Press, TV host What’s Up with Health in Detroit, Greening Detroit spokesperson and owner of Aurore’s Health Spa of Birmingham.
Dr. Aurore specializes in helping people that want to be healthier and are serious about doing so.
What she hears from her clientele:
  • I’m frustrated because the “do it myself” detox program from my MLM is expensive and isn’t working.
  • I’m struggling with managing my weight and because of that I am not happy with who I am.
  • I’m so worried about looking younger that I am jeopardizing my health to do so.
What these people don’t realize is:
  1. Improper and insufficient detoxing leads to poor health and weight gain.
  2. Remetabolization is the missing key in most health programs.
  3. Beauty and health can coincide, you can look younger and feel younger- safely!
Aurore-Veda is a specialized health program which consists of a body mind ayurvedic program developed by Dr. Aurore after 20 years of research.  Aurore-Veda consists of the Aurore-Vedic Detox & Weightloss and her Aurore-Vedic Anti-Aging program.
“I lost 40 lbs in 6 weeks following the Aurore-Vedic Detox, I also regained use of a swollen ankle and foot I couldn’t get in my shoe!”
Tamara Mathis, Troy
“The Aurore-Vedic Face-Lift facials, keep my skin youthful and also boost my metabolism and energy- I come every six weeks!.” Kate Brancheau, Clarkston

Starting out in nursing, Dr. Aurore’s life path was changed drastically by her own debilitating illnesses and diagnosis of her first born son with autism. Leaving no stone left unturned she courageously healed her life long depression, anxiety, adult onset diabetes and even her son’s autism. “I believe, that I myself was on the verge of death besides suffering from difficult emotional disorders and typical American style chronic health complaints, I almost died from chicken pox, pneumonia and meningitis as an adult. I was very weak and sickly as a child and as an adult I feared for my life and for the lives of my children. I knew that just living a healthy lifestyle would not be enough-that

I had chronic constitutional immune deficiency from an unhealthy childhood, I refused to accept it was just “bad” genetics. This is the reason why I spent almost 20 years researching, developing and practicing what I call “Aurore-Veda.”

Studying herbalism, homeopathy, color therapy, anthroposophy and ayurveda for seven years is only a small part of Dr. Aurore’s training, as the result of her break through book “Beyond Natural Cures” Aurore was invited to study with a licensed psychologist on the West Coast for three year training program in naturopathic psychotherapy: attachment and orgonomy. “Studying on the West Coast opened my eyes, even though I am from the Mid-West-I grew up in Detroit, besides learning from my peers about healing the body and mind together through emotional release, contact and attachment, I found the tranquil mountains, therapeutic bike routes through the waterfalls, pacific ocean and mammoth trees to be some of the most enlightening experiences of my life. I feel honored to bring this back to Michigan and through the web!”

Dr. Aurore believes in living a complete healthy lifestyle in all areas of ones life. This is why she home birthed her last two children, breast fed and utilizes natural education such as the Waldorf method and unschooling. “All of my books coincide with different areas of life; Beyond Natural Cures is about children and parents, Beyond Natural Skincare & Weight Loss is about those things along with diet and nutrition, and Til’ Love Do Us Part is about sex and relationships. I have brought my books to life here on this website. There is truly something for everyone on this site and of course, I believe- a cure for all diseases.”

Some of Dr. Aurore’s specialties include: Music/sound therapycolor/varna therapy, Jyotish, Vastu,  Orgone Yoga therapy8 pt foot adjustment/reflexology, hand adjustment, breast detox/massageayurvedic weight loss and diet plans, individualized detox programsautism treatments and spa services!

Want to learn and see more? Check out Dr. Henze on YouTube! 

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