23302 W. Warren Ave.
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Contact: Justin Cessante
Phone: Tel: 313-436-0043 ext. 110
Fax: 313-436-0044
Email: jcessante@hypeathletics.org
Website: www.hypeathletics.org

Organization’s Description

HYPE Athletics was formed in 2001 as an organization with a mission to provide the youth with outlets and environments free from drugs and violence.  HYPE Athletics Community has two components to the organization; Services that include, athletic training camps, leagues and tournaments in all sports such as basketball, football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and more.   Our second component being a social driven service offered to the youth and their families with tutoring, mentoring, counseling, substance abuse prevention and education and young professional entrepreneurial and leadership training. A commitment made by our Board of Directors and partners to further invest in our communities with a plan to provide low income families an affordable home through our HYPE Family Assistance Department will be our next attainable goal as a leader in youth and family services in the State of Michigan.   Our collaborative partners, which include the State of Michigan, Wayne County, The Derrick Coleman Foundation, Young Men in Transition, and many school districts and recreation department throughout the county.

What makes our organization unique?  It is our approach to serve all youth equally with passion and respect.  Our method to evaluate our youth participants, which determines the needs of each child, basically allows us to provide accurate services to the thousands of youth we serve yearly.   In addition to this feature, we at HYPE Athletics have the ability to directly and indirectly mentor and guide our youth through the teaching of discipline, determination and hard work with our athletic programs.  This is due to the great staff of college students, athletes, and coaches along with many great high school coaches and players that have dedicated so much time and energy to insure our youth are following the straight path to success.

Ultimately, it is passion that separates our organization from the rest. Our passion to serve guides our future generation of leaders to great success.    As it is stated “you only get out of life what you put in to it”.  This is our belief, our drive, and determination to stay straight in line on our promise; to bring good health, safety, tolerance and the highest of standards to the many communities serviced by HYPE Athletics Community.

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