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Holistic Chamber of Commerce

1359 Avondale St.
Sylvan Lake, MI 48320

Contact: Laura Reiff
Phone: 248-660-0318


Company Description:

We are a local chapter of the national organization of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC).
Our mission here in Oakland County is to create a local chapter to bring together businesses and industries that are not typically viewed as holistic, with the more commonly expected fields of health, well-being and environmental awareness.

The goal of the Oakland County HCC is to support and promote our businesses and our communities by providing relevant and interesting educational and authentic networking/connection opportunities.


Some of our benefits include:

  •  Network with Like-Minded Professionals
  •  Highlight Your Professional Reputation
  •  Online Member Directory Listing
  •  Social Media Networking & Visibility
  •  Educational & Social Events
  •  Business Building Tools & Development
  •  Collaborative Marketing & Media Exposure
  •  Monthly Meetings on the 3rd Thursday Evening of the Month

We believe that the combination of holistic practices and traditional business methods creates a powerful business structure to support expanding financial success, wellness and well-being. Our organization is looking to attract holistic practitioners as well as local businesses that focus not only on sales, but the well-being of their customers as a whole. This is what makes us all holistic businesses.


In our vision, we emphasize holism as a way of being, conducting business and interacting with our local and global communities.


Our mission here in Oakland County is to promote the vision of holism and to include businesses and industries that are not typically viewed as a part of the holistic movement. Our vision includes us all.

We focus on expanding our definitions of success to include well-being and the bottom line. We bring the concept/practices of financial strength and know-how to the “holistic” business community, while bringing well-being, holistic thinking and increased profitability to “traditional” businesses and industry.

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