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Company Description

Ink Forest is your choice for Green, Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Sustainable screen printing.

All designs are printed with water based inks. These inks absorb into the fabric so that your design becomes part of the shirt, not just melted on, as in traditional, plastic based, screen printing inks. No harmful inks or chemicals are used. You can rest assured that your shirts are not harmful to you or the environment.

With Ink Forest, you no longer have to wonder if the shirts you are ordering contain hazardous inks or chemicals! We use the most sustainable inks and greenest production methods possible. Ink Forest is an industry leader in water based screen printing.

Nor do you have to question whether the clothes were made in a sweatshop. We do the research and investigation and then provide the information to you. You are then able to make informed choices based on sustainability, quality and price.

Welcome to Environmentally Conscious Screen Printing. There is integrity in printing great quality shirts with durable designs, printed in beautiful, rich colors that people will wear for years. We don’t do throwaway, “fast fashion”. We strive to produce that “favorite t-shirt” that is a “go to” for years. It looks great, feels great and gets better with age. When we can do it in a healthy and sustainable way, we know we are providing something valuable for our customers and our planet.


A Note From Judy

When I started researching screen printing as possible small business, one of the first things I realized is that conventional plastisol screen printing inks are riddled with toxic chemicals. Among these are PVC’s, Phthalates, Benzene and Toluene. PVC’s and Phthalates are known to cause breast cancer. Phthalates are also known endocrine disruptors. Benzene and Toluene are used in the cleaning process and are dumped down the drain. I knew then, if I couldn’t print in healthy and green way, I wouldn’t print at all. This is why Ink Forest Eco-Friendly Screen Printing uses only water based inks and soybean based solvents.

Educating the public about what is in the inks that are printed on their shirts and the other garments has become my passion. The greatest example of the need for this education is Breast Cancer walks. Every year millions of women walk to raise money for the cure. They are doing an amazing and selfless thing, all along not realizing the T-shirts they are wearing are printed with inks that can leach into the skin and cause breast cancer.

Ink Forest believes it’s time to start this conversation. It’s time to change the inks used to print on not only your walk team tees but, your club or group tees, your children’s spirit wear tees and all other types of screen printed garments.

Judy Mazzuca


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