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5827 Terex
Clarkston, MI 48346

Phone: 1-888-480-0070
Fax: 1-888-480-0071

Company’s Description

Kimberly Lighting, LLC, specializes in providing LED lighting products of the highest quality. The owners of Kimberly Lighting have taken their 50 years of combined experience in the lighting industry to create a company that’s sole purpose is to provide energy efficient LED products that fit the consumers distinct needs. We offer a wide range of products for commercial, residential, and industrial projects, consisting of parking lot lights, wall packs, and high-bays to standards lamps such as LED T8 replacements, PAR bulbs, retrofit cans and everything in between. As a Trade Ally with DTE we qualify for all lighting incentives with the majority of our products DLC and Energy Star listed.


Kimberly Lighting LED advantages:

  • Long Life – Quality LED’s have a measured lifetime of up to 50,000 hours operating at the correct voltage and current.
  • Environmentally Safe – LED’s are made from non-toxic materials unlike the fluorescent lights that have mercury inside of them.
  • Low Power Consumption – LED’s are even more energy efficient than compact fluorescent.
  • Low Voltage – LED’s can operate at low voltage which is more cost effective and safe.
  • Low Heat Emission – LED’s emit very little heat which makes them extremely safe to use.
  • Different Colors – LED’s come in multiple colors for decorative and appealing lighting.





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