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6897 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48210

Contact: Luis Pena
Phone: 313-461-1039


Company’s Description

HAVE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THIS GROWING MARKET! La Mejor Radio is Spanish language radio for the Hispanic Community in Detroit. Become a sponsorship with La Mejor Radio and your business can reach a loyal, underrepresented market in the Detroit area. Radio is a proven, effective medium in targeting Hispanics.  The most unique aspect of Spanish-language radio stations is the time spent listening.

The entire family may listen to one station and tune in, on average, 26 – 30 hours per week. This ranks more than 13% above the general population.

In Spring 2010, Mexican Regional music could also be considered an at-work and in-car choice among Hispanic radio consumers, with 62% of listening done out of the home. 
It is slowly bringing the community together, those directly around it understand that this is “our” radio station. They are coming to work in it, getting to know others in our neighborhood. Our station, our focus is:

  • Mexican Regional music and general talk
  • No other station in Detroit area with continuous Spanish language programming
  • Established station with a 3 year broadcasting history for Hispanic market
  • Coverage area: Detroit, northern suburbs
  • Over 100 calls / day from listeners
  • 2,595 Facebook followers in 1 year and rising
  • Our radio personalities have a loyal following in the Detroit’s Hispanic community

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