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7010 Middlebelt Road
Romulus, MI 48174

Contact: Joshua Rubin
Phone: 248-417-8660


Company’s Description

Maxi Container is an industrial packaging distribution company that meets the needs of modern commerce. Maxi stocks new & reconditioned steel, plastic & fiber drums, Salvage & overpack drums, UN & DOT drums & pails, Totes & IBC’s, hazardous material drums & bags. Drum accessories, liners, & supplies. Drum /Tote recycling programs are available.

Green Initiatives

Maxi Container represents over 100 years of container sales and distribution by the Rubin family. Today Maxi Container has grown into a multi-million dollar modern industrial packaging distribution company capable of meeting the needs of modern global commerce. Maxi Container utilizes state of the art technologies, just-in-time delivery, logistic management and environmentally sustainable practices, including use of reconditioned steel, plastic and fiber drums and IBC’s, reusable new steel, plastic and fiber drums and IBC’s, a bio-diesel truck fleet with GPS, to live up to the mission of its founder, Max Rubin (1923-2004); “MAXI means the MOST in SERVICE and QUALITY”.

With our Drum and IBC recycling program, your empty drums and IBCs will be inspected and cleaned for reuse. If they do not meet reuse criteria they will be recycled; they are not sent to a landfill. Our recycling program is an environmentally sustainable practice and meets ISO 14000 rules.

By participating in our Drum Recycling Program, you help reduce waste and greenhouse gases. The amount of this reduction can be determined using the Greenhouse Gas Calculator developed by the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association. The calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that helps determine how many tons of carbon emissions you save by having Maxi Container recycle your drums. It can be downloaded from our website or from

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MI Rain Barrel or “mirainbarrel” (my-rain-barrel) is an offshoot of “Maxi Container”. We started out as an ordinary company … but now, we love Rain Barrels and Composting, so we had to create a new website dedicated to just that!


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