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Medicine Pony

29193 Northwestern Hwy #540
Southfield, MI 48034

Contact: Lisa Machala
Phone: 248-921-6322


Organization’s Description

The horse is iconic for many reasons. Certainly no other mammal on the planet today has survived and thrived as long as the horse has. No other animal has contributed more to the development of human civilization than the horse. The mythology of the horse dates back to the earliest cave drawings, ancient Chinese artifacts, and Native American beliefs in the healing power of the horse. In our modern society, we still use the expression horse power to denote strength and capacity of our machines. Today there is much we can learn about ourselves as individuals and as a society when we listen and learn from the wisdom of horses.

Why “Medicine Pony”? We honor the social and emotional intelligence of the horse and the memory of the Indigenous Peoples who recognized and valued the importance of the horse as a powerful healer. Medicine Pony is our reference to re-connecting with the wisdom of nature through our experiences with horses.

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