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Contact: Cathy Bacile Cunningham or Heather Kevnick
Phone: 517-333-1606

Email: or

Organization’s Description

MBCE is a network of businesses and business leaders representing a broad range of industry and commercial sectors in Michigan’s economy. We know that clean energy is the key to moving Michigan forward. Together, we can call for action to move Michigan toward a clean energy future.

Organization’s Mission

Clean energy and energy efficiency are creating jobs in a wide range of areas, including advanced automotive and battery technology, wind and solar, biomass, manufacturing and construction. By opening the door to more clean energy and energy efficiency opportunities, we can create American energy, American jobs and American investments right here in Michigan.

At this critical time in our history, we recognize the need and opportunity to support comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. Federal clean energy policy will level the playing field for all citizens and businesses, and help make Michigan a leader in the 21st century clean energy economy.

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