38600 Van Dyke
Sterling Heights, MI 48321

Contact: Maryann Foster
Phone: 586-698-5220

Email: mpfoster@jhnetwork.com
Website: www.michiganfinancial.com

Company’s Description


We Are A Proud Michigan Company


The mission of Michigan Financial Companies is to impact the lives, lifestyles and legacies of its clients and associates. This full service financial organization delivers the products, marketing, business development resources, and personal service that allow financial representatives to build successful practices through long-lasting, trusted client relationships. The firm offers options for affiliation based on level of independence and support desired. Resources and practice management are customized for financial representatives based on affiliation and business vision. With an intense focus on providing value and believing that “a rising tide raises all ships,” the experienced team at Michigan Financial Companies brings a passion for serving clients and associates to everything they do, with the highest ethical standards, energy, and supportive work environment.


  • Open product platform with a comprehensive range of high quality protection, investment, and advisory products from leading carriers including John Hancock.
  • Access to a top-tier broker dealer, Signator Investors, Inc., providing a robust operational platform to facilitate your business.
  • Firm level specialists in areas of estate planning, business strategies, marketing, advances sales, group insurance, long-term care insurance, 401(k) planning, investments, and compliance.
  • A seasoned in-house insurance brokerage specialist to support independent brokers with product access, case design and operational support.

A sophisticated Estate and Business Planning group provided by the John Hancock Advanced Markets Group, consisting of experienced attorneys, accountants, actuaries, and case design specialists. This service is available to financial representatives working with current and prospective clients.

Services for top performers including an experienced transition team, access to firm-based marketing-initiatives, advanced sales consultants, underwriting support, and study groups. Build4Success, an equity and succession platform providing support for the purchase or sale of your business. This platform includes valuation models, financing support, tax allocation strategies, and transition planning.

Practice Management Marketing Director consults with representatives to develop personalized business development plans including execution in chosen markets. Access to firm level special events and resources to cultivate long-term relationships with CPAs, attorneys, banks, credit unions, and property/casualty firms as trusted alliances. Active outreach program to match clients with active associates. Training platform based on client’s values and goals with emphasis on becoming the “Most Trusted Advisor”. Successful joint work and mentoring opportunities.



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