22757 Woodward Avenue, Ste. 250
Ferndale, MI 48220

Contact: Hayley Roberts
Phone: 866-960-8803 x714

Email: hayley@suburbsalliance.org
Website: www.MichiganSuburbsAlliance.org

Organization Description

With far-reaching partnerships and unexpected collaborations, the Suburbs Alliance facilitates local action that is shaped by the wisdom of many.  In our projects and policy work, we maintain the human center of our mission not just nominally, but in practice.  Here, every voice matters.

Organizations Social Mission

The Michigan Suburbs Alliance unites and strengthens metropolitan Detroit’s mature suburbs by elevating regional cooperation, reforming public policies and innovating redevelopment strategies.

Organizations Vision

Pursuing a future where communities share economic, environmental and social sucess, the Michigan Suburbs Alliance envisions metropolitan centers that preserve the unique character of individual communities while striving toward a unified and equitable region where the citizens are empowered as an effective regional force.

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