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Detroit, MI 48075

Contact: Linda Daichendt
Phone: 248-470-3257
Fax: 248-350-9465

Company’s Description

The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) is a trade association for anyone interested in, or working in, Michigan’s mobile technology industry.

The organization’s mission is to grow the mobile industry within the state, thereby contributing toward Michigan’s economic re-development with increased entrepreneurial and enterprise-level opportunities and the creation of sustainable jobs.

This will be achieved through training programs, business development, jobs development, referral services and much more. Memberships are available for corporations, small businesses, individuals and students.

Industry Impact on Michigan

A recent study by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation indicates that for every job created in Michigan’s mobile technology industry, 3.9 additional jobs area created in the state in other industries.  MEDC further indicates that the mobile industry job creation factor of 3.9 is significantly higher than that for most other industries, and is comparable to the job creation factor for the manufacturing industry.  Putting this in perspective, this means that the mobile industry can achieve a similar level of positive impact on Michigan’s economy as the manufacturing industry, if new jobs are created in our sector.

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