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32800 West Twelve Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Contact: Steven Koponen
Phone: 248-489-3577
Fax: 248-489-3590

School’s Description

WE: Wildcats for the Environment at O. E. Dunckel Middle School actively seeks out to change the culture of our school and our greater community to care for the planet and for each other.

Our motto: WE make a difference

Michigan Green School: Evergreen, 2011 and 2012

Benefits to our planet:

  • We are the top paper recycler in Farmington Public Schools and in the Top 5% in Michigan, earning money for environmental causes and to enhance our Green programs at Dunckel
  • We process and recycle discarded textbooks and Media Center books from Farmington Schools
  • We collect and recycle these items at Dunckel:
    1. paper
    2. aluminum/metal
    3. glass
    4. plastic
    5. Styrofoam/polystyrene
    6. Grocery bags
    7. Batteries–for proper disposal
  • Our curbside recycling program offers each classroom space with paper and “co-mingled” recycling. Recycling boxes are placed in the hall and homeroom classes use repurposed computer carts to sort recyclables and take drop then off in the cafeteria once a week.
  • We send these items to Terracycle, earning money and promoting products that are made from refuse
    1. Frito Lay chip bags
    2. Drink pouches
    3. Lunchables containers
  • Service to our community:
    * WE collects hotel toiletries for the homeless.
    * WE collects aluminum can tabs for the American Legion veterans fund
    * WE adopts animals each year from The Detroit Zoo or World Wildlife Federation
  • We also collect and recycle: inkjet & toner cartridges, video game systems, cell phones, calculators and laptops

Our Science Department participates in Rouge River activities through Rouge River Rescue, as the Minnow Pond Creek runs through our property.

Earth Day was celebrated with an environmental assembly and activity where students decorated grocery sacks with Earth messages for a local grocer.

We would love to continue enhancing our Green programs at Dunckel. Here are some of our initiatives:

* Have a model sorting system in the cafeteria for separating trash and recycling to minimize waste
* Continue placing receptacles in public spaces for recycling, especially in outdoor areas such as athletic fields and our outdoor classroom
* Would love to explore the use of wind turbines on our property
* Would love to explore having a green roof

Trash only!

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